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The Major Global Incident Has Approached ..❗

Unfortunately, there is not much time left for you to deliver the news for Arabs and Non-Arabs

There is not much time left except to intensively publish the series of statements about the ba'ouda [Arabic, gnat] of the blood and its well-concealed secret, whose war is detailed in different statements of the previously mentioned series. Moreover, hardly a statement is written without finding me mentioning for the worlds the approaching of Planet Saqar and raising the intensity of the skirmish of Allaah's cosmic and covid-related war, that perhaps people would know that the One behind the global war of corona is the same one behind the calamity of the climatic war by Allaah, Lord of the worlds. And that perhaps they may know that they are powerless to encounter Allaah's war and that they must turn to their Lord and humbly supplicate to Him to Save them from His torment to follow the caller to Allaah and His Book, the Great Quran.